Reid Hall, 4 Rue de Chevreuse, 75006, Paris


Something described as dangerous has connotations of avoidance, of walking in the other direction, of shielding oneself from both an external event or an internal train of thought. However, in a time when it is near impossible to be politically impassive, it is  difficult to avoid danger in our day-to-day lives. 

Instead of turning the other way and ignoring dangerous ideas, the University of Kent’s Paris School of Arts and Culture will explore dangerous ideas relating to the topics that are a part of our lives through a week-long festival. 

Meet the Festival Directors

Elena Zolotariov

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Apart from co-directing the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and wanting to make different ideas accessible to a wider demographic, Elena is also a full-time Master's student, focusing on Tragedy in Modernist works. 

Sinéad McCausland

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Sinéad McCausland is studying for an MA in Film at the Paris School of Arts and Culture. She is researching female hysteria at the Hôpital Salpêtrière. She is also co-directing the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and co-editing a Literary & Arts magazine, The Menteur.


A committee composed by five women with a common aim to educate and be educated, the festival has been put together as a response to the tumultuousness of our times. The festival will establish a middle ground to enable your opinions to both be heard as well as to hear opinions from writers, academics, and creative professionals from around the world.


From Monday 3rd to Friday 7th June, we will confront the dangerous ideas that are both within our minds and outside of them. Dangerous ideas can be both progressive and regressive, positive and negative.

However, despite the threat a certain kind of dangerous idea can present to marginalised people, we would like to focus on the dangerous ideas that can be used to make the world a fairer place. It is important that everyday people hold onto their dangerous ideas in the hope that, one day, they will neither be seen as dangerous nor exist as only ideas. It is these kinds of dangerous ideas that we are interested in exploring throughout our weeklong festival.

Meet the Event Executive Officers & Festival Assistants

Emma Dee

Emma is a Creative Writing student at the University of Kent, where she is working on her first novel. She enjoys the gothic, transgressive . She is the executive and curator of The Dangerous Instruments and Banned Books Panel 

Ellie Wright

Ellie has put together and organized the Open Mic event on Friday. Now completing her Masters degree in Creative Writing, Ellie has a passion for all kinds of art, including the visual, literature, and of course, music.

Heather Nash

Part of the Conference Committee, Co-ordinator of the Menteur Launch Event.

Millie Phipps

One of our Festival Assistants, Millie is part of the Conference Committee, and is also helping throughout the Festival week. 

Lorena Pfänder

Part of the Conference Committee, Lorena is assisting with the arrangement and execution of the Conference. 

Postgraduate Festival of Dangerous Ideas Festival 2019 at Reid Hall (4 Rue Chevreuse) in Paris.

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